Will Minting


With more than 29 years specialising in Party Wall Act and Neighbourly Matters, Will is an expert consultant, client representative and speaker on town planning disputes, construction nuisance and party walls.

"Minting prides itself upon bespoke services"

Tell us about your background. How did you get into your current position/role ?

Minting prides itself upon bespoke services and bespoke approaches depending upon expectations needed.

Will graduated with BA (Hons) in 1992 and completed his Masters Degree in 1996. Will previously worked for Anstey Horne & Co, Delva Patman Associates and joined Schatunowski Brooks as an Associate in 2002, before joining Wilks Head & Eve as a Partner in May 2006. Will was the Editor of the Pyramus & Thisbe Club’s journal from 2006-2011.

Having worked closely with City lawyers and barristers for many years, he also appears as an expert witness and Third Surveyor in Party Wall disputes, and is frequently asked to speak to professional associations, law conferences and professional firms.

What would you say is the biggest story in the industry at the moment and why?

There are many hundreds of party wall surveyors who invariably offer a limited approach to their statutory function. Minting has always taken a thorough and concerned approach to the welfare of appointing owners, both developing and neighboring.

There is growing concern over the environmental impact of any new development.
What changes can you see and where do you feel we are moving towards ?

Carbon footprints and the recycling of structures where this is feasible and appropriate is increasingly under focus, this correlates with Minting’s anyway approach to safeguard conservation and special heritage assets.

Have you faced any unanticipated obstacles during a client project ?

For almost three decades, Will Minting has been involved with many dozens of complex schemes concerning skyscrapers, palaces, underground railways, religious buildings, ambassadors residences and exceptional listed properties.

With this breadth of property types and use classes there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

What trends in the housing market are driving your clients requirements/demands and how are you facilitating these ?

Whilst the super prime market, in Belgravia, Knightsbridge, Holland Park and Kensington have been especially volatile since Brexit and other world events. Investment, enhancement and redevelopment of super prime property remains highly active.

What are the biggest problems you've seen with construction projects that can go wrong regarding Party Wall issues ?

The most common issues arise with inexperienced professional project management and it is therefore imperative that developing parties are organised to face head-on the challenges which will inevitably beset any project.

At Minting we believe that thorough management and supervision of construction work, comprehensively set out in party-wall awards, neighbourly agreements and other building contracts is fundamental to such accountability.