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Neighbourly matters consultant, party wall surveyor and town planning

Neighbourly Matters

Providing bespoke advice for the avoidance or resolution of disputes between the owners/occupiers of neighbouring properties.

Party Wall Surveyor

Long established specialist in resolving high profile disputes arising under the Party Wall Act 1996.

Town Planning

Advising clients on representations to town planning applications

Will Minting


With more than 29 years specialising in Party Wall Act and Neighbourly Matters, Will enjoys a reputation for maintaining a prestigious client base.

Working closely with City lawyers and barristers for many years, he also appears as an expert witness and Third Surveyor in Party Wall disputes, and is frequently asked to speak to professional associations, law conferences and professional firms.

Providing professional advice, guidance and actionable solutions to individuals, businesses and government bodies, Will has been entrusted to deliver projects to the highest of standards.


Will Minting enjoys a reputation for having advised the Royal Household, the French Government and other distinguished clients for many years, and consequently his anecdotes are informative and compelling. He is invited to speak at many industry events – details of which can be found below.

Tanfield Chambers – Nick Isaac QC Masterclass Series

Party Wall Act advising consultants webinar
3rd February 2021

Pyramus & Thisbe Club – West Midlands Branch

Plough & Harrow, Edgbaston – Third Surveyor Referrals
3rd March 2020

Pyramus & Thisbe Club – North East Branch

Radisson Hotel, York – Q&A Panel with Stuart Frame
12th December 2019

Party Walls


Ben Mackie published a new book called ‘Party Walls – Articles concerning the law and practice of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996, to which I was asked to contribute.

The line-up of fellow contributors includes retired Judge Edward Bailey and Nicholas Isaac KC.

In total there are 19 great articles from the best people in the business, along with some beautiful artwork and photography.